Churches in St Marys Ontario
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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

For thirty years subsequent to first settlement, perhaps, no place of equal importance possessed so many undignified churches as St Marys. They were all on a line of equality, and no congregation could arrogate to themselves any sense of superiority over another where all were so plain.   In 1883 matters took a change for the better, since which time great improvements have been made.   There are now few towns in Canada of equal population containing so many fine churches, and there are also few having so many beautiful situations for such buildings.

Holy Name of Mary, St Marys, Ontario
Roman Catholic Church
built 1893

St James Anglican Church

First Baptist Church

Methodists in St Marys

Presbyterians in St Marys

Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church

St. Marys churches are now most creditable to the liberality and religious spirit of her people, and in no town of its population in Canada can they be excelled either for solidity or imposing design. The location of all is exceedingly fine, crowning those beautiful elevations which add so much to the picturesque environment of this delightfule little town.

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