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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

Prior to 1855 St. Marys formed a portion of Blanshard.   During this year separation took place, each having a local government of its own.   At this period its assessed value amounted to 112,000 pounds or $448,000.   In 1856 she predicated her first loan of $20,000 This was obtained for very laudable purposes.   First, to build a school; second, to procure a fire engine; third, to improve the streets.   In 1858, therefore, was completed the central school building, and which was designated section No. 1.   School taxes were collected by a person appointed specially for that purpose.   A warrant was issued to John Sparling to collect and pay over "all the said monies opposite their several names."   This warrant was signed by Joseph Brink, chairman, Milner Harrison, Samuel Fraleigh. William Moscrip, A.M. Norman and Lauriston Cruttenden, trustees.   Three hundred pounds was set apart to purchase a fire engine.   It is to be regretted that this old piece of machinery, which was honoured by the name "Triumph,'' should have been recently sold for a paltry sum of $200.   It was now historical, and on many occasions had done good service in saving property in St. Marys.   The balance of this loan was expended in improving streets.   In 1858 a further investment of $1,000 was made in Exeter and St. Marys gravel road stock.   This afterwards became a total loss, the road being sold at sheriff's sale, realizing only that amount to cover a capital of $50,000.   The assessed value of this corporation has largely increased since 1855, and in 1901 reached $1,194,175.   If values have advanced, taxation has more than kept pace, amounting in that year to nearly $30,000.   It appears to be an inherent principle in taxation to increase, and seems beyond all power in heaven and earth to control.   When we consider the tremendous efforts put forth by municipal men to save money for their constituents, we are often surprised at results.   Since this loan of $20,000 was obtained large amounts have been added from time to time to her indebtedness.   These sums have been expended on commendable objects - in water works costing $40,000, electric light plant, erecting municipal building, in constructing permanent granolithic sidewalks, and improvement of roads.   This expenditure has been rendered necessary in order to keep pace with a constantly increasing wealth and an extending intelligence and refinement of her people.

Subjoined is a list of officers since St. Marys was just incorporated, in 1855.

Reeves - 1855-6 Thomas B. Guest; 1857, Gilbert McIntosh; 1858-9, David A. Robinson; 1860, Milner Harrison; 1861-2, Joseph McDougall; 1863, Gilbert Mclntosh.

In 1864 St. Marys became an incorporated town, and withdrew from county municipal organization, no subsequent reeves being elected.

Frank Butcher Mayors - 1864, T. B. Guest; 1865, William V. Hutton; 1866-7, George McIntyre; 1868-69, Thomas Iredale 1870-1, John E. Harding: 1872, Duncan Miller; 1873-4, C. S. Jones; 1875-6, Richard Box; 1877, A. E. Ford; 1878-9, David A. Robinson; 1880-1, E. W. Harding; 1882-3, J. J. Crabbe; 1884-5, H. Fred. Sharp; 1886-7, Samuel S. Myers; 1888-9. Thos. D. Stanley; 1890-1 J. W. Poole; 1892-3, Gilbert H. McIntyre; 1894-5, W. C. Moscrip; 1896-7, William Dunseith; 1898-9, Charles Richardson; 1900-1, George D. Lowrie; 1902, Frank Butcher.

Clerks - 1855-8, John Sparling; 1859-61, Leon M. Clench; 1862-79, Lauriston Crutttenden; 1880-9, William Williams; 1890- 1902, Leonard Harstone.

Leonard Harstone Treasurers - 1855-69, Edward Long; 1870-1, Robert Harstone; 1872-1901, Edward Long; 1902, Miss Long.

Assessors - 1855-7, Wm. T. Smith; 1858-61, John Sparling; 1862-79, Wm. N. Ford; 1880-1, James Robinson; 1882-8, J. W. Poole; 1889, R. S. Barbour. N. E. Birtch, Jas. Thompson; 1890-2, Robert White; 1893-4, Jas. Harrison; 1895-1902, Jas. Kennedy.

Collectors - 1855-8, William Sparrow; 1859-64, George Jackson; 1865, Thomas McIntyre; 1866-8, Wm. N. Ford; 1869, Wm. Box; 1870, John Thompson; 1871-81. Wm. Box; 1882-93, N. E. Birtch; 1894-5, Wm. J. White; 1896-1902, Richard Shepherd.

Gillean McLean Auditors - 1855-7, G. F. Hutton, J. R. Glendinen; 1858, G. F. Hutton, Jas. Coleman; 1859, G. F. Hutton, J. D. McDonald; 1860-1, Wm. Sparrow, John Harrison; 1862-3, L. A. McIntyre, Wm. Sparrow; 1864, Patrick Whelihan, L. A. Mclntyre; 1865, Jas. Eaton, Patrick Whelihan; 1866, Jas. Eaton, Wm. Brown; 1867, Jas. Eaton, Joseph McDougall; 1868, Wm. Brown, L. A. McIntyre; 1869, Wm. Brown. Thos. Moore: 1870, Jas. Eaton, Wm. Brown; 1871-2, Wm. Somerville, Wm. Brown; 1873, Wm. Somerville, G. B. Smith; 1874, G. B. Smith, Wm. Hutton; 1875-7, Wm. Hutton, Wm. Somerville; 1878-80, Wm. V. Hutton, Robt. Harstone; 1881-91, Wm. Somerville, Wm. V. Hutton; 1892, James Schlater, Wm. Robinson; 1893-5, N. C. Montezambert, Charles Whelihan; 1896-1902, Gillean McLean, H. A. L. White.

Chiefs of Police - 1855-62, David H. Cuff; 1863-6, Thomas Woolway; 1867-8, Michael Egan; 1862-72, James Dulmage; 1873-9, William Herrington; 1880-97