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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

From 1841 to 1844 Little Falls had no postal facilities beyond that supplied by Mr. Cruttenden and Mr. McKay.   These gentlemen were self-constituted postmasters and mail carriers. Mr. Cruttenden, when he brought his supplies from Beachville, brought mail also.   This was distributed by himself and Mr. McKay to their several customers as they chanced to call.   As Blanchard was speedily settled, Little Falls grew rapidly.   Queen street was cleared of its ancient covering of timber.   A great bank of gravel, about twenty feet in perpendicular height, which crossed it at right angles where the town hall and Windsor hotel now stand, was levelled and made suitable for traffic.   Business men had gathered in and erected buildings.   Messrs. Edward Long, Milner Harrison, George McIntyre, Moscrip, Barron, Flaws, McCuaig, McDonald, Hutton, Guest, and many others had largely extended its commercial interests, supplying new settlers with goods necessary to backwoods life.   Streets were now laid out, and a few private residences again to appear here and there amongst those black stumps which still disfigure its principal thoroughfares.   Queen street presented a busy scene of tonic with oxen and sleds.   Stores were being erected, much distinguished by a simplicity in architectural design.   These were built usually with gables to the street, and were low structures, in whose interior were displayed a class of goods suitable to pioneer life-potash kettles, logging chains, cow bells, axes, cow-hide boots, moccasins, home-made flannel, maple sugar, and fat pork having prominence.   In a place of such importance, therefore, postal facilities could not longer be delayed.   During 1845 a regular mail service was established from London, and Little Falls, or St. Marys, becoming a trading centre for a great extent of fertile country.

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