Professionals in 19th Century St Marys Ontario
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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

With the influx of population subsequent to 1845 we note also the presence of professional men.   The medical stay was represented at an early day by Dr. Thayer.   He was a thin, wiry man, and nature seems to have designed him for pioneer work.   Dr. Nelles, Dr. Coleman, and Dr. Wilson were all old pioneers.   At present eight medical men reside in St. Marys: Dr. Matheson, Dr. Brown, Dr. Sparks, Dr. Smith. Dr. Fraleigh, Dr. Stanley, Dr. Knox and Dr. Hotham, all graduates of our schools and colleges.   In law Mr. Dartnell, who was elevated to the bench, Mr. Macfadden, late county court clerk, and Leon M. Clench were pioneers.   This profession is now represented by Messrs. E. W. Harding, J. W. Graham, Leonard Harstone and Armour Ford.   Dental surgery was not introduced in St. Marys for many years subsequent to first settlement.   Dr. Rupert being a pioneer.   This branch of surgery is now represented by Dr. James Roberts, Dr. McGorman, Dr. Follick and Dr. Harden.   Veterinary science has three representatives.   Dr. William Gibb was for several years an examiner at the Toronto Veterinary School and president of the Veterinary Association.   Dr. George Gibb and Dr. William Stevens are graduates of Toronto.

In field sports St. Marys has always maintained an advanced position.   In those amusements so conducive to manly development which attract Canadian youth she has no mean share of honour. Her curlers have vanquished many a foe on hard fought fields.   On several occasion they have stop face to face with the finals.   Amongst those old veterans of the broom and gliding stone time has made sad havoc.   Many of our old enthusiastic champions who stood around the tee giving a shout of triumph at a lucky shot are now, alas! lagging on death's "hog score.''

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