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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

In 1853 was issued the first newspaper in St. Marys, by Mr. George R. McIntosh, a son of an old pioneer settler.   This paper was called the Journal, and Reform in politics.   It was sold to Mr. Abbott who transformed it into a Conservative organ.   Meantime Mr. Riggs established another paper in Reform interests, which be named the Argus.   About 1857 Mr. A. J. Belch became proprietor of this paper, conducting it for a number of years with some success.   Newspaper circulation at that period was very limited.   To ensure even moderate success a man venturing on the sea of journalism had usually to be editor, proprietor, publisher, compositor, pressman, and devil, all combined.   The Argus is now a lively eight-page paper, printed by a steam press. Mr. Dillon, present editor and publisher, is an expert and clever writer.   While the Argus was making way into many homes, Mr. Abbott issued a Conservative paper as a second venture, the Journal meantime having become defunct.   This paper passed through many viscissitudes, changing names and proprietors frequently, until it came into possession of John W. Eedy, a most enterprising publisher, who, under its original name, has given it an influence never previously attained in its history.   The Journal, like the Argus is an eight-page sheet, both having a large advertising patronage.   St. Marys has now a third printing office, well equipped, used for job work only, and owned by Mr. M. J. Dewey.

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