Manufacturers in 19th Century St Marys Ontario
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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

Although St. Marys has several important manufacturing establishments - one of which is equal to any in the county - in number or variety she is not equal to Stratford or Listowel.   The first of these was a saw mill, erected in 1841.   In 1843 a grist mill was also built by Mr. Ingersoll, near Queen street bridge, still operated by the G. Carter Co.   In 1849 Mr. Gilbert McIntosh erected a carding and fulling mill on Thames avenue.   This old establishment has long since passed away; perhaps few in St. Marys could now point out the place where it stood.   The first foundry was erected at the west end of Queen street bridge, about 1847.   This place is now occupied by O'Brien Bros.   In 1849 another foundry was opened by John R. Moore, where agricultural implements were manufactured.   For a period extending over 30 years, until his retirement by age, this establishment and its proprietor enjoyed a full measure of confidence by his patrons.   This business was, on Mr. Moore's retirement, taken over by Chas. Richardson & Co., who entered into the manufacturing of dairy machinery.   This has been a great success, nearly 40 men being now employed on this class of goods, which are sent to every corner of the Dominion. Industry was still further promoted by Mr. Weir and Mr. Forester erecting flax mills, giving employment to a large number of our people.   A woolen mill has been operated by Mr. Myers for a quarter of a century, employing over 30 hands.

In 1888 David Maxwell & Sons removed their implement factory to St. Marys.   This is the largest establishment in the town, employing at certain seasons about 200 men.   Several acres are covered by the plant of this firm, whose goods are now sent to every corner of the world.   By removing these important works to this point a great impetus has been given to all branches of trade. Of late years, too, the great deposits of stone in this section are being worked and utilized. Improved crushing machines have been introduced. and broken stone for macadamized roads is now being sent to many parts of our country.   Procuring building stone and lime, for which there seems an increasing demand, is affording remunerative employment to a large number of men.
J D Moore Cold Storage
J. D. Moore Company's Cold Storage Plant.
James Douglas Moore opened the first cold
storage warehouse west of Montreal.
Besides these important industries there are two planing mills, two marble cutting establishments, and the largest creamery plant in Canada.   This enterprise was introduced in 1896, to manufacture butter for the British market.   In connection with all industry are a dozen skimming stations, surrounding the central, at a distance of from five to ten miles, to which points milk is hauled, run through centrifugal machines, the cream extracted, sent to the central, manufactured into butter, and shipped everywhere.   During 1901 over $100,000 was obtained for butter, and put in circulation amongst the farmers who were patrons of this institution.

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